New Adventures in Spring 2015!!!

The garden has been dormant for a long while, but be ready for new adventures to start sprouting in the spring!  

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New Activities Added

Lizzy w Paint Brush ColorSpring is right around the corner, and you will find several new activities waiting for you in Laura Bear’s Garden. There is at least one activity under each Tab now.  The goal is to add at least one new activity each week, so check back weekly for new additions!

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Follow Us to Laura Bear’s Garden!

duck with moon croppedWelcome to the world of Laura Bear’s Garden where you will find enrichment stories and activities for the young readers in your life!  Right now I am planting the seeds of Laura Bear’s Garden, but slowly over time I hope the garden will grow into an amazing place for young people, their parents, their teachers, and younger siblings.  Join me and watch the garden grow!  Check out the tabs for Garden Tales, Lizzy’s Craft Center, Dan’s Science Lab, and Zack’s Store.  New ideas and activities will be added on a regular basis. “Follow” the blog and receive updates when new stories and activities are added to the site.  Most of all, come back often, and enjoy your time in the garden!
~ Patricia J. Angus, M.A.

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